Electrical Project and Panel Mounting

 Our MCS electrical project, panel and mounting team are providing;

• The preparation of LV (low voltage), PLC and controlling panels 

• The preparation of electric projects that are specific to special machine manufacturers

• The providing of electrical panel materials 

• Panel design and mounting

• As special machine manufacturers you design and manufacture PLC, CNC and Simotion controlled machines and machine tools and we can support you in electric, project design and commisioning areas for those machines. 

Our expert team support you in the preparation of electrical projects, electrical panel mount, the selection of hardware (relay, contactor, thermic, energy analyser, motor driver, control system, I/O modules, measurement system, etc.) and the commisioning of software. 

Also, we can support you for the mounting of electrical equipments that take place on your machines or machine tools, cabling of power and signal cables and cabling of panels. 

What if an expert team realizes the electrical project and the commissioning of the machines that you produce? 

We are re-preparing the electrical projects of the machines or the machine tools that you produce or you like to revise. In DIN norms, we re-draw electric schemas in Turkish and we do panel mounting in world class with our team.


- We are lowering the cost of your staff, 

- With the our expert team experience, you have more qualified projects.