Industrial Software

We have combined Industrial Automation Systems and Information Technologies...

We have combined our experience about Industrial Automation with Information Technologies and we have built MCS IT team in order to realize new projects. 

Our MCS IT team is building systems that provide monitoring, controlling and analysing by gathering production information in the industrial enterprises.

In enterprise the information about machines, processes or lines that take place in the production line can be read, monitored and controlled transiently. The data that gathered online during runtime can be used for monitoring and controlling processes and also for preparing Analyses Reports, Waste Analyses Reports, Production Reports.  

In today’s conditions of competition in order to achive the goal of enterprise, the cost should be controlled, organized and lowered. The firms that achieve this goal is always one step ahead among other firms.

In enterprises, the data should be gathered, monitored and reported for controlling and organising the production costs.

By integrating Industrial Automation projects into IT based software, we are developing software that provide best solutions for today’s technology. 

Also, by working with databases which comply project based platforms of all kind, we make integration with ERP system that the firm works with.

We store millions of data (as much as the capacity of hard disk) on MS SQL Server and we can identify as many monitoring and controlling pages as we want. With Siemens Industrial Control Systems (PLC, Simotion and Sinumerik), we can read/write data online and we eliminate operator defects.