CodeMaster is a traceable, sustainable Industry 4.0 application platform that provides tangible advantages and gains. CodeMaster builds a bridge between the production site and management in accordance with the Industry 4.0 concept. CodeMaster digital transformation platform is a modular application set based on industrial automation and software that  digitizes the business where it is applied.
With CodeMaster Digital Transformation Platform, any kind of transformation towards Industry 4.0 can be achieved. CodeMaster application provides very important tangible advantages and gains for production enterprises to produce with high efficiency and quality and low loss. With its web/edge-based user-friendly interface and mobile applications, it enables the establishment of a fully integrated smart production facility that enables flexible and fast as well as efficient and high  quality production.
CodeMaster Platform, an industrial software developed to establish new generation “Smart Factories”, is adaptable to all kinds of production processes and enables digital transformation of production facilities. It works by collecting data from the field with a fully integrated real-time data collection system with protocols suitable for production systems. Thanks to modular  production, maintenance and quality applications, all processes can be monitored web-based, losses and downtime can be analyzed, productivity and performance can be increased, while the margin of error of managers and operators is reduced, and smart decision support is provided by converting the data received from the field into meaningful outputs.
As a 100% domestic industrial software company, we have carried out and are carrying out many projects in Turkey and in the world with the technologies we have developed. CodeMaster can be easily and quickly adapted to multiple language options.
As an Industry 4.0 application, CodeMaster contains all the main industrial qualities that enable digital transformation in the   industry and enables the realization of the Smart Factory concept. Our main goal is to provide solutions with our products and services in software and hardware starting from the lowest level of the digitalization infrastructure of the enterprises industrially.

CodeMaster provides a fast and easy to integrate platform for real-time data collection, monitoring and transformation of data on the production site.

CodeMaster Platform allows you to track all processes on the production line and Maintenance processes in real time. with the In this way, a significant increase in productivity can be achieved and reduced downtimes. Maintenance processes can be traced easily and all parts of machine can be monitored according to lifetime, notifications can be sent to supervisor or admins.

CodeMaster maximizes the productivity and efficiency of production processes by providing high-tech, web-based and mobile applications while ensuring traceability and control of the production site, reducing operational losses through instant analysis, smart notifications.

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