Increase value of data with smart analytics and machine learning.

Perform advanced analytics from the edge to the cloud with near-real-time data. Start with out-of-the-box applications and then scale, with the ability to incorporate machine learning and AI.

The future energy system will be characterized by a high degree of distributed generation and bidirectional, constantly fluctuating energy flows that need to be managed. The Internet of Energy links power producers, power infrastructure operators, and consumers to master this difficult task.


Unleash your industrial data with a standardized connectivity layer for all industrial assets and enterprise systems.

Connect physical, web- and enterprise-based systems in one location. Support multiple protocols concurrently, perform flexible data modeling and leverage frictionless system integrations.


Integrate IoT data with existing enterprise solutions

Easily integrate your industrial IoT solution with other PLM capabilities – Siemens or 3rd party – to create powerful business use case solutions.


Scale your industrial IoT solution to meet your specific needs

Tailor and scale your solution to meet your specific business needs, utilizing high-end security requirements, data services, and deployment options.

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