Industrial Product Sales

You can get price offers for Siemens industrial product groups from our sales department via the e-mail addresses below.

Project - Engineering & Commisioning

MCS Factory Digitaliziton Project - Our Engineering and Commisioning team is realizing project software and commisioning processes about Siemens Factory Automation, RFID Identification Systems,Industrial Communication Sytems, WinCC Scada (controlling and monitoring) systems.

You can get support from us for the project design and commissioning of the machines, benches, production lines that you use for production in your business or that you design and manufacture as a special machine manufacturer.

Electrical Project & Panel Mounting

Our MCS electrical project, panel and mounting group, PLC and control panels, preparation of electrical projects for special machine manufacturers, supply of panel switchgear materials, panel design, mounting and workmanship.

As special machine manufacturers, you can get support from us for the design and commissioning of your electrical or control panels for your PLC, CNC and Simotion controlled machines and machines that you design and manufacture. 

Digital Transformation Platform

MCS; It builds systems that enable you to monitor, control and analyze by collecting production information in industrial enterprises.

All desired information about the machine, process or line in the production track in the enterprise can be read, monitored and controlled instantly.

The data collected in real time is used for monitoring and control as well as to prepare all kinds of reports such as stop and run Analysis Reports, Fire Analysis Reports, Production Reports, etc.

Our product “CodeMaster” maximizes the productivity and efficiency of production processes by providing high-tech, web-based and mobile applications while providing traceability and control of the production site, reducing operational losses thanks to instant analysis and smart notifications. 

Industrial Consultant

MCS; is an expert company that provides services to industrial enterprises in the fields of Automation and Digitalization, and the expertise of its consultancy team is approved by Siemens.

For your industrial projects and Industry 4.0 applications; you can request consultancy services from our experienced technical experts.

Industrial Service

MCS provides technical service for problems encountered in automation and digitalization product groups in industrial enterprises.

With breadth and depth in application knowledge and equipment expertise, we offer field, supply services for a variety of industrial markets. You can request service from our technical experts for the problems you encounter with your production lines and machines.

Industrial Education

MCS is an expert company that provides training services to businesses in the fields of Automation and Industry 4.0, and the expertise of the training team is approved by Siemens.

You can receive trainings in our following areas of specialization and benefit from our various training opportunities. 

  •  Siemens Simatic S7 PLC (S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500) Trainings
  •  Siemens Simatic RFID Identification Systems Training
  •  Siemens Industrial Communication Systems Training
  •  Siemens WinCC Scada Systems Training
  •  Industry 4.0 Application Trainings
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