Meta Industry

"Meta Industry"

As MCS Group, which supports future digital transformation projects, we participated in the Win Eurasia 5G Arena launch hosted by Nokia in collaboration with Deutsche Messe AG and Turkcell Digital Business Services, leading the development of #5G technology.

Some highlights from the launch:

 The digital and physical worlds will come to life in the #Metaverse universe.

 5 different 5G use cases were showcased for the first time with a 5G test signal.

 Artworks will be created by robots in the future.

 The Meta Industry world was introduced for the first time.

 Industry 5.0: Insights on the factory of the future were shared.

 By 2030, 125 billion devices will communicate via IoT and 5G.

 As MCS Group, we operated industrial robot simulations through 5G integrated with the Metaverse in our concept called ‘Meta Industry’ at the event.

Speaking at the launch, Adem Kayar, the General Manager of MCS Group, said, “When this concept called Meta Industry is operational, an operator will be able to perform all operations remotely, eliminating the need for the operator to physically go to the factory, or they will only need to be present for a minimum number of days.”

We are proud and happy to be the first in Turkey in terms of industrial innovation.

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